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Friday, 28 July 2017

Low Fat Cooking

Low Fat Cooking

If you are interested in adopting a low fat life style or are already on a low fat diet then I hope that this article will be of use to you. Living with a low fat diet is not difficult and the health benefits can be enormous. All it requires is a bit of organisation and a commitment to changing your dietary habits and the way you eat. I am not suggesting that there is 'no pain' but compared to many other diets if you follow a  low fat cooking  policy then you will be amazed at how quickly you will adapt and generally how much healthier you will feel.

The key to healthy cooking  is to keep a sharp eye on the quantity of fat you consume each day. Ideally you should aim to consume no more than twenty to forty grams of fat each day. One of the keys to switching to low fat cooking  is not to think of it as just yet another diet but as a complete lifestyle change. Diets tend to have a beginning and an end but if you make a commitment to low fat cookery  then your whole life and health will change. If you don't like to cook much but still want to have a low fat food then you must go for Indian Restaurant in Brussels where you will get low fat healthy Indian food with no compromise with the taste.

There are plenty of websites and Blogs available to gain tips on low fat foods  but the great majority of them only contain vegetarian recipes. With care it is quite possible to eat meat as well if preferred, it is all about a balanced diet. Search the web for recipes, products and techniques and build up your own recipe book. A key weapon in your armory is to replace or reduce products that are high in fat. As your experience grows you should be able to look at an exciting new recipe and work out whether it can be adapted to a low fat cooking  technique. There are even recipe software programs that can greatly assist you with your low fat recipes . This means that you can see the nutritional content of the recipe as well as the recipe itself.

You can even sort recipes by their relevant nutritional values and create a balanced weekly menu.

Here are a few simple tips on low fat cooking  to get you started:-

Remove all visible fat from meat and skin from chicken

Purchase extra lean mince

Grill or bake rather than fry

Skim the fat off soups and stews

Use alternatives to fats such as plain yogurt

Steam vegetables

Where you have to use oil for low fat food  use unsaturated oils such as Olive or Canola oil.

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