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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Improve Your Vocabulary

Bite the Bullet                             (Meaning: Accepting something difficult or unpleasant)

Blood is Thicker than Water        (Meaning: Family comes before everything else)

Break the Ice                              (Meaning: To commence a project or initiate a friendship)

Butter Someone Up                   (Meaning: To flatter someone)

Cat Got Your Tongue?               (Meaning: Something said when a person is at a loss for words)

Caught Red-Handed                    (Meaning: To be caught doing something wrong)

Don’t Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater

(Meaning: Hang on to valuable things when getting rid of unnecessary things)

Eat Humble Pie                           (Meaning: Making an apology and suffering humiliation along with it)

Give the Cold Shoulder              (Meaning: A rude way of telling someone he isn’t welcome)

Go Cold Turkey                           (Meaning: To quit something abruptly)

Go the Whole 9 Yards               (Meaning: To try one’s best)

Jaywalker                                  (Meaning: One who crosses the street in a reckless or illegal manner)

Kick the Bucket                        (Meaning: To die)

Let Your Hair Down                  (Meaning: To relax or be at ease)

More Than You Can Shake a Stick At

(Meaning: Having more of something than you need)

No Spring Chicken                    (Meaning: Someone who is past his prime)

Pleased as Punch                    (Meaning: To be very happy)

Rub the Wrong Way               (Meaning: To irritate, bother, or annoy someone)

Rule of Thumb                        (Meaning: A common, ubiquitous benchmark)

Run Amok                              (Meaning: Go crazy)

Saved by the Bell                    (Meaning: Rescued from an unwanted situation)

Show Your True Colors              (Meaning: To reveal one’s true nature)

Sleep Tight                            (Meaning: Sleep well)

Spill the Beans                       (Meaning: To reveal a secret)

Waking Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed              (Meaning: Waking up in a bad mood)

Reference: 25 common sayings

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