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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Top Life Skills

Top Life Skills

You show up to a dinner party late and there is a woman in your seat. She looks so put together. She is well-dressed, her hair is perfectly placed in a neat bun. She is engaged in the conversation and fits in with the rest of the adults. You look at her and assume she must be in her mid-thirties. But later find out she is either your age, or perhaps younger.

Although, this particular scenario hasn’t been experienced by all of us in the exact same way. Everyone has had that feeling where they met/have seen someone younger than them that has had it all together. The following are skills to Master in your twenties or goals to have so that you may also exude the same level of confidence as your peers that just seem to have it all together.

1. Arrive on time to everything

2. Keep your living space clean. No exceptions.

3. Find a mentor

4. Improve your vocabulary

5. Use a planner

6. Have a generic understanding of your local highway system

7. Speak in front of people, as often as possible

8. Do not overdraft your account (even with overdraft protection)

9. Be able to run a mile

10. Put together a complete casual, work, and special event outfit in under 5 min. (Including accessories, makeup, hair etc.)

11. Explore the arts and use your imagination

12. Less reality TV more audio-books

13. Never give up on yourself

14. Know how to make 3 good meals.

15. Only turn in quality work. It is a reflection of you.

16. Find a mentor

17. Use youtube/pinterest to learn valuable life skills

18. Master the art of travelling without actually travelling

19. Be genuine

20. Do something you love every day

21. Know what you want out of life, who you want to be. Understand your value and only allow others to add to it.

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