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Friday, 4 August 2017

Increase sales by a simple method

Would you like your sales people to learn how to out maneuver their competition instead of out pricing them to get an order?

Sales people outmaneuver competitors by knowing what questions to ask to find out what the customer is really thinking and by building value into their proposal. When you know what the customer is really thinking, you can handle their objections and show them your company and you really are the best choice.  We show your sales people how to do that.

One way to build value is for the sales person to be a part of the product.  The customer thinks they will be better off and are more likely to get the job done right with your sales person and your company on their side.  Another way is to find out what is really important to the customer and give it to them.  This is rarely the lowest price.  It is usually someone who really cares about the customer and communicates.

An example is one time I sent a quote for $4,000 to a customer.  I knew my price would be high and it was.  I know how to tell if my price is high and I can show your people how to know that.  I went to work on the customer and asked questions and above all I listened to what the customer had to say.  They really needed something that was not in their original request.  I found out what it was and gave them those options.  I ended up with the purchase order but it was for $10,000, not $4,000.  My competitors were left wondering why their low prices did not get them anything.

One more simple example is making people go to my client's place where there is a restaurant. It is an Indian Restaurant in Brussels and I have studied about Indian culture and food and then ask people to visit it once and they are getting higher sales from this now.

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