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Monday, 30 October 2017

Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome

Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome

How we learn is affected by how we see the world and many people who are diagnosed with profound learning disabilities actually have less major perceptual difficulties. Many people with ADHD and dyslexia, for instance, actually have Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome. SSS is a rarely tested for and even more  rarely recognized form of visual/perceptual difficulty, yet is an underlying  component to the difficulties of over 55% of those with reading problems and is  found in nearly two-thirds of all dyslexics and those who suffer with ADHD.  Even 10% of gifted students show moderate to severe SSS, leaving them to work harder than needed.  Many students with behavior problems in classrooms also suffer from Scotopic Sensitivity, causing them to become fidgety and irritable. Some students who act out or refuse to read and participate in class do so because they are frustrated by their inability to read and/or comprehend due to SSS. They may be embarrassed or tired of others not understanding or thinking they are less intelligent than they really are. SSS is easy to diagnose and accommodate, offering a profound life change for those affected whether child or adult.  SSS can be screened for easily and quickly and its symptoms readily identified by parents and teachers alike.

Originally designed for students having behavioral and academic difficulty in school, Cognitive Training is now used for student of all ages and varieties, making learning less stressful and more effective. Just like an athlete learns  the best, most effective ways to train to gain the optimum performance on the  field, so too can the student learn the most effective ways to learn, retain,  recall and use information and skills. Using basic methods from learning theory, and the study of cognition (meta-cognition) students of all ages, or anyone needing to improve their memory or learning ability, discover how the memory works and how to best use it for study and test-taking as well as everyday skills such as reading and writing.  Finally, using hypnosis and self-hypnosis, the student finds he or she better assimilates, retains, recalls and connects information and skills of all types.

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