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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Want to Understand Women | Read This

Want to Understand Women | Read This

When you don’t understand real social dynamics, understanding women becomes almost impossible. This one area of our lives that can cause some serious problems such as depression, loneliness and even in some extreme cases suicidal plans of revenge and sacrifice.  We see every year on TV scenes of terrible suffering done by men that are outcast who want to get revenge from self perceived issues of abandonment. Often its the lack of approval from women that they desire that causes them to go over the edge. Sadly a lot this could be avoided if schools would just teach real social dynamics to our youth.

Somewhere along the road most of we men have forgotten the basic skills of socializing and attracting women. So the question has to be asked. Why is it so difficult for men to understand women? Really, what is so complicated about a woman that men just can’t seem to understand them? Sure, women seemingly do crazy illogical things. They start arguments with no intention of making sense of the matter. They go get their nails and toes done for men to notice (we usually don’t). They tell men to call them and won’t answer the phone when they do. They get all dolled up to go to bars and clubs only to seemingly blow off every man that approaches them.  But Why? Women make no sense at all or do they?

Before we start let first get something out of the way. By no means will I be talking about a specific category of women. Basically they are all the same, as it pertains to understanding them.

What ever your preference of woman is, the lack of understanding them is the same for most men. So lets get started...

Understanding beautiful women starts with understanding yourself first. What I mean by that is, most men are there own worst enemy when it comes to dating women. Most men now do not have proper understanding of social dynamics as it pertains to dating. Most importantly most men do not have a real understanding of how “they” play a part in social dynamics.

It is this very lack of understanding, that causes most men to almost always end up as the hot woman’s friend and not her boyfriend. So the most important information you will learn on this site is what it is “your” doing wrong.  Once I started learning the elements of social dynamics, the biggest revelation for me was that women are actually not all that complicated or illogical.

There are reasons why they do the things they do and it is necessary that they do them.  Women play the key essential role in the sustaining of our species. When you understand how this works and the basic concepts of attraction, you will have a whole new world open up to you. This information is not new for any of us, we simply just ignored it when we were being taught it in school. Its time for us to go back to those biology classes we skipped in school.

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